This and That

A few years ago Father O asked me if I took photographs of everything I made. He was sort of telling me off because he knew perfectly well that I sometimes forget! He knew because I had just given him some items which I had not taken pictures of. Oops.

So here we go. Some belated photographs of items I delivered Some Time Ago and Forgot to Take Pictures Of. Shame and embarrassment all round.

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Rose Burse & Veil Set

Here’s the end result, so far, of those embroideries.
I say so far as if you want to wait a while I will keep going and make a low Mass set!
I hesitate, as I don’t know what style of chasuble you’d like! Get in touch if you think you’re interested; I’d love to keep going but it’s a bit much for me to bite off if I don’t have a home for the set to go to…

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Burse & Veil, for Advent or Lent

I’m back! I was sick for a while, not Covid thankfully but something which certainly sapped my energy. On the mend now though and back in my workroom. Yay!
I was chatting with a friend about making a burse. While they were entirely too polite too correct me, they thought I had made a mistake and had meant to say I was making a purse. This got me thinking about the plosive P and droplets and Covid… and I’m sure I read somewhere that in some middle Eastern languages there is actually no P sound so they say Bepsi instead of Pepsi. But I digress, and it is indeed burses that I have been making.

Let us take a look…

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