Yes that is a word. I made it up.
I have a horror of moths. They make me shudder. Once upon a time, long ago and far away, an extraordinarily annoying person frequently left screen doors open. In the evening. While lights were on inside. As you might well imagine hoards of moths flew in and I was not able to kill them all or frighten them with my squeals.

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A Tuffet!

I have one of those garage doors which has a bit of spring on it and closes itself quite quickly. I also have a naughty little dog. A badly behaved beast if ever there was one (SPCA, issues…)
Anyway, the dog and the door had a meeting recently with no harm to either but it occurred to me that I needed a tuffet. So I set about making one because where on earth do you actually buy such a thing in this day and age!!

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Into The Crypt…!

What an invitation! How exciting! Of course I want to explore the crypt. After all, wouldn’t you?

I was invited to participate in this activity (a jolly outing) after I’d made an altar cloth for this particular parish. Hmm, a bit of an Ecumenical Exercise since this parish is of Another Denomination. Anyway, one of the sacristans I’d chatted with about the cloth, and another altar guild lady, were planning on clearing out at LEAST half a century’s worth of sewing supplies and whatnot, which was stored, she told me, in the crypt. As you can imagine, my imagination ran amok; underground, vaulting, stone chambers and all that…

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