Rose Burse & Veil Set

Here’s the end result, so far, of those embroideries.
I say so far as if you want to wait a while I will keep going and make a low Mass set!
I hesitate, as I don’t know what style of chasuble you’d like! Get in touch if you think you’re interested; I’d love to keep going but it’s a bit much for me to bite off if I don’t have a home for the set to go to…

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Yes that is a word. I made it up.
I have a horror of moths. They make me shudder. Once upon a time, long ago and far away, an extraordinarily annoying person frequently left screen doors open. In the evening. While lights were on inside. As you might well imagine hoards of moths flew in and I was not able to kill them all or frighten them with my squeals.

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Eight Veils and an Explanation

I have been feeling a bit like a production sewing facility behind the scenes here for the last little while. I finished the embroidery on the final chalice veil and then… well time to actually finish them properly, set the corners and sew the backing onto each one. A bit of chore but a necessary part of the job. Now they are all done, pressed and folded into their box and ready to go off on their travels. So let me explain…

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