Idolatry On The Altar

No, not THAT idol. This is a different thing; ongoing, underhand and pervasive. No pictures today, just words…
I imagine there are very few of us in this modern world who are unaware of issues of cheap or even forced/slave labour being used to produce items. Hmm, those tasty shrimps so commonly available at the supermarket or coffee or…
And what about environmental degradation in order to produce crops like palm fruit oil?

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Blessings and an Altar Cloth

This week, on Monday morning to be precise, a kind lady offered to help with looking after changing the altar cloth in our parish. I was delighted! What a blessing! So without beating about the bush, let me say that I haven’t been changing it weekly. Busy? Lazy? Tired? Anyway, I have been hoping that someone would offer practical help – thank you Holy Spirit for prompting Mrs. B to step up!

After a quick conversation to determine what would work best I realized we are short a cloth and so guess what? Yes, I’m making an altar cloth right now, it’s about half sewn.
Let me share a little known horror of working with linen:

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A Couple of Purificators

Here are two purificators. I made one of them a little while back and one just this week from a remnant of linen left over from the monstrance veil I made a couple of weeks ago. I keep usable pieces of linen and make ‘odd’ linens or handkerchiefs to give as gifts here and there. No one seems to mind an extra purificator, especially if it’s handmade, and surely everyone should have a linen hankie in their pocket or purse, the better to deal with scraped juvenile knees and weeping women, or weeping men for that matter!

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