A Wax Cloth…

Long ago and far away… well okay just up the road and a couple of years ago, Someone asked me for a wax cloth! I blanched… truly…
I knew exactly what he wanted and why. I also knew exactly how to make such a thing but the thought filled me with utter dread…
I don’t recall what I said at the time. I’m sure it was polite. In any case, I dutifully relieved him of all his old candle ends and said I’d do my best.

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Into The Crypt…!

What an invitation! How exciting! Of course I want to explore the crypt. After all, wouldn’t you?

I was invited to participate in this activity (a jolly outing) after I’d made an altar cloth for this particular parish. Hmm, a bit of an Ecumenical Exercise since this parish is of Another Denomination. Anyway, one of the sacristans I’d chatted with about the cloth, and another altar guild lady, were planning on clearing out at LEAST half a century’s worth of sewing supplies and whatnot, which was stored, she told me, in the crypt. As you can imagine, my imagination ran amok; underground, vaulting, stone chambers and all that…

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A Chalice Pall

I have a new metal thread that I’ve been wanting to experiment with. It is made in France by the same company which puts out a line of very good quality silk thread. Most metal threads are couched, or laid down on the surface of the embroidery. Apparently this one can be stitched through the fabric without becoming a snarly mess!

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A Couple of Purificators

Here are two purificators. I made one of them a little while back and one just this week from a remnant of linen left over from the monstrance veil I made a couple of weeks ago. I keep usable pieces of linen and make ‘odd’ linens or handkerchiefs to give as gifts here and there. No one seems to mind an extra purificator, especially if it’s handmade, and surely everyone should have a linen hankie in their pocket or purse, the better to deal with scraped juvenile knees and weeping women, or weeping men for that matter!

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