Blessings and an Altar Cloth

This week, on Monday morning to be precise, a kind lady offered to help with looking after changing the altar cloth in our parish. I was delighted! What a blessing! So without beating about the bush, let me say that I haven’t been changing it weekly. Busy? Lazy? Tired? Anyway, I have been hoping that someone would offer practical help – thank you Holy Spirit for prompting Mrs. B to step up!

After a quick conversation to determine what would work best I realized we are short a cloth and so guess what? Yes, I’m making an altar cloth right now, it’s about half sewn.
Let me share a little known horror of working with linen:

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A Tuffet!

I have one of those garage doors which has a bit of spring on it and closes itself quite quickly. I also have a naughty little dog. A badly behaved beast if ever there was one (SPCA, issues…)
Anyway, the dog and the door had a meeting recently with no harm to either but it occurred to me that I needed a tuffet. So I set about making one because where on earth do you actually buy such a thing in this day and age!!

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A Wax Cloth…

Long ago and far away… well okay just up the road and a couple of years ago, Someone asked me for a wax cloth! I blanched… truly…
I knew exactly what he wanted and why. I also knew exactly how to make such a thing but the thought filled me with utter dread…
I don’t recall what I said at the time. I’m sure it was polite. In any case, I dutifully relieved him of all his old candle ends and said I’d do my best.

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