Yes, the work is time consuming and the cost can be high, depending on the chosen materials, but I think it’s worth it.

Ave Maria

I’m talking about hand embroidery, of course.
I have allowed myself to purchase the most basic kind of embroidery machine so that if somebody needs altar linens fast and they just cannot wait for them to done properly…
oh well…
machine embroidered crosses they shall have, but it is not my first choice or my preference. It also seems slightly counterintuitive to machine embroider hand sewn linens doesn’t it…?!

From a chalice pall.

When I think of the word embroidery, what comes to my mind is the fine art, the craft, the artisanal skill of hand embroidery. The beautiful threads and types of stitch, the varied techniques which produce results vastly superior to anything machine made – and take much longer!

In This Sign…

Simple or complex, directly embroidered onto the vestment or hanging, or worked as an applique to be carefully sewn into place, which is an acceptable technique when properly done, a well executed hand embroidery is vastly superior to any machine made piece. It boggles my mind when some people claim they cannot tell the difference!

If you think you are interested in commissioning a hand embroidery for church use or as an art piece, please contact me to discuss.

Rose Cross.