And why did I remember this old saying, along with the butcher’s children get no meat etc.? I shall share a little from my own home prayer space which has always somewhat behind in terms of textile adornment… because I’m forever making things for elsewhere! I finally got it together and here we go…

Lent last year.

Now this isn’t really much to look at, my ‘altar’ is really just an old side table and the major motivation to have textile art, a frontal or antipendium is to hide the off season items stored on the shelf underneath! The idea of having a home prayer space actually occurred during covid when we couldn’t get to church. I think it’s become quite popular to be honest. Anyway I don’t feel inclined to spend a vast sum of money on myself so this is the simplest kind of silk (it’s actually lining silk) and some metallic ribbon rather than proper ecclesiastical braid with cotton material as backing. Not great but does the job quite nicely.

But here’s the question, do I need all the other liturgical colours? I suppose I COULD go that route but it seems a lot for a personal prayer space so no, I don’t need green and white and red etc. but nor can I leave the violet one on year round…

If you only can have or want only two of a thing in liturgical colours then violet and white are the way to go, the white one subbing in for all colours save violet. I had about no time to make another one last year and rigged a sort of curtain. Embarrassing really.


See! How horrible! For shame it took me about an hour to throw it together last year just in time for Easter. I looked at it for long enough with some regrets, in fact one could say it even distracted me from prayer (!) and I determined I would fix it, eventually…

Lent this year.

The lining silk has held up quite well although it’s a bit saggy because of being such light material but I expect with such light use and handling as it gets in my home it will last for years. And behind the scenes I put a bit more effort in and recycled the gaudy gold curtain into this…

Easter this year.

This piece of fabric was given to me by a kind person. It is actually damaged because of improper storage and was going to be thrown out so I saved it from the bin. If you look closely you’ll see the discoloured area at the top. The rest of the materials are trimmings from other projects pieced together and metallic ribbon again. It cannot withstand close inspection but I’m happy with it!

Now back to proper work. Linens and a vestment set I think… thanks for reading.

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