A few years ago Father O asked me if I took photographs of everything I made. He was sort of telling me off because he knew perfectly well that I sometimes forget! He knew because I had just given him some items which I had not taken pictures of. Oops.

So here we go. Some belated photographs of items I delivered Some Time Ago and Forgot to Take Pictures Of. Shame and embarrassment all round.

Big statue!

Exhibit A – a frontal and er, a sidle (?!!) or maybe it’s a smaller side frontal. It isn’t quite a riddle curtain is it? But that wouldn’t do anyway as this is a Roman Catholic church. Oh, and the linen cloth on top too.

In any case it has all been in situ for some time now and I managed a visit today and took a picture. This is actually quite a large side altar, the statue is huge!

The other side.

And here is the sibling, again frontals and cloth with a slightly smaller statue. There has been some talk of dossals but whether this idea will come to anything remains to be seen. There are other things to be made first…

We installed some other items today and I did in fact get a couple of pictures but I’ll save them for later. Thank you for reading.

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