Another interruption, sigh… this is an interesting one though and definitely a textile art project! So here’s a peek at the presentation work for an approved reproduction of the Image of the Holy Face of the Veil of Manoppello.

Definitely a white glove job.

I’m told that this Vatican approved reproduction was touched to the original image. I think that makes it some kind of relic? Third degree? Perhaps someone more knowledgeable than me can say. Anyway the facsimile is done on a very sheer fabric meant to mimic the bysuss silk (or sea silk) of the original, no trimming allowed!

The original is displayed in an ornate double sided glass reliquary. It’s an ancient image and apparently the cloth shows many similarities to the image on the Shroud of Turin. I was given a simpler ‘floating frame’ to use for display. First step was to clean the frame and glass to be sure of no interference with the image. Next step was to ensure a neat appearance of presentation.

The reproduction textile has serged edges, to prevent fraying no doubt but this isn’t the most elegant look methinks! My decision was to use mat board to cover that up since the cloth and the float frame are not a good match size wise.

No, not this kind of double mat!!

Some confusion ensued when I communicated the concept because the normal visualisation of two mats is what you see above. No, no, no! It’s all good, I know what I’m doing, seriously!!

Acid free of course!

The whole job was a bit fiddly and required custom cutting since naturally enough everything was European sizing and I’m in North America. (Do not get me started on paper sizes!) Luckily I have framing supplies in my studio and I used acid free mat board and linen mounting tape. Essentially I slowly and carefully sandwiched the image between two identically sized mat boards and framed as glass, ‘double matted’ image and then glass again in the supplied float frame. We have chosen not to add a more elaborate frame at this time although that may happen down the road a bit.

Front again!

Anyway that was a bit of a scramble since it only landed on us last week; but these things keep me on my toes! The image is being installed in the church this weekend and I’m glad I was able to get it done in time.

Have a great day. Thanks for reading!

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