Rose Burse & Veil Set

Here’s the end result, so far, of those embroideries.
I say so far as if you want to wait a while I will keep going and make a low Mass set!
I hesitate, as I don’t know what style of chasuble you’d like! Get in touch if you think you’re interested; I’d love to keep going but it’s a bit much for me to bite off if I don’t have a home for the set to go to…

I love the symbolism in this design…

Now I actually found pictures I took of the progress of this embroidery… from drawing the design onto the base fabric and building up all the layers but that would make for a very long post so I’ll spare you the technical details. Suffice it to say, many hours went into these.

Stitching detail…

This is a full size set, the veil is 24″ square and the book style burse is 9″ square.
The embroideries are mounted onto an ivory bengaline moire lined with a red satin. Everything is done with utmost attention to detail, museum quality materials, acid free boards for the burse for example…

But do they match!?

Do we or don’t we like things to be matchy matchy?
Hmm, I think I like things to ‘speak’ to each other rather than just scale up or down the design. In any case that is what I chose to do.
What do you think?
Let me know!

Thanks for reading. Be well.

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