Browsing around online a bit, as we do, and came across this image…

I have no idea who to credit for this photo…

It made me smile and recall a bit of an adventure. I shall share the sorry tale.

This is from a few years ago when we could, you know, attend Mass… sigh… anyway I digress.

I’m sure I knew that Confirmation was coming up for the children of the parish, I must have done. I’m sure that Father Whatsisname knew too! However for reasons that no one could possibly explain the Bishop did not (apparently) have all he needed and neither did our parish. Neither had this been communicated…

The Day Before Confirmation (horrors!) Father casually mentioned to me that the Bishop needed one of those things, you know, for the server who holds his stuff, and could I make one? Okay he didn’t quite phrase it that way but I’m telling a story don’t you know, so just go along with it, yes…?!

I think I might have glared at him ever so sweetly and said, “You mean a Vimpa, Father? Actually you need two!” At this point my mind is racing to my fabric stash and wildly wondering if I have enough white silk!!

I was also rather uncharitably wondering why the dickens hadn’t he said anything about this to me YESTERDAY when he saw me since they were needed for TOMORROW… Ahh, dear reader, there is a reason why I am prematurely greyed!!!

Anyway back to the sorry tale.

I started to speak of silk and what do you think? No, no says Himself… easy care fabric, wash and wear! (What!) I recall digging in my heels ever so slightly (ok a lot) and saying SILK, again, but oh no, Himself dug right back and said EASY CARE!

Groan. Sigh. Wailing and gnashing of teeth. I had, I knew, not a scrap of easy care whatsoever in my stash and was in for a trip to a local fabric store as well as a mad gallop to make the Vimpae (or is that Vimpas or Vimpa’s… I’m confused?!) in time for the following evening’s Sacrament.

I managed it of course. They were functional. They did the job. They were certainly washable and EASY CARE!! My fabric choices were rather limited by the constraints of time and selection at the closest local shop. And boy oh boy, my goodness, dear me, they were UGLY!!

Here they are:

The front.
And the back…

Honestly I think I came screeching in at the last moment and vested the lads myself. I think His Grace may have indeed wondered at the crazy woman and her choice of fabric but was entirely too kind to say a word and I could hardly point to Himself now could I?

Never mind, alls well that ends well and it ended up well enough, my palpitations notwithstanding. I do however have a strange feeling that these things have never again seen the light of day!! 😂

A very Happy and Prosperous New Year to you and thanks for reading.

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