Little things… I’m working on a communion, or chalice pall at the moment. Not quite finished but I’ll share the progress.

Almost done!

This is worked entirely by hand on linen backed with cotton. I’ve used both silk and cotton embroidery threads as I like the play of light between the two.

I’m mulling over whether to outline the IHS monogram and the four fleur de lys. Yes/no… and if so with what thread. Decisions, decisions! In any case, when I’m finally happy with the embroidery I’ll mount it onto a piece of acid free board and back it with linen. It will most likely have a lace trim as well although I haven’t decided that yet either.

I started in the middle!
Funny how different light affects the look…
Just beginning to lay the gold thread.

A lot of hours in this one so far, and it’s so small! I’ve been working it in an embroidery hoop and I take it out each time I’m finished for the day to let it rest!!

When it’s finished I’ll post a final picture. Thanks for reading.

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