I don’t go away very often, being a bit of a homebody. But when I go, I go!
Naturally I had planned a holiday at the beginning of March this year. Naturally I had to come back a bit earlier than planned due to unforeseen circumstance! Oh well, I’ll just have to go again… one day…

A Cutter Pendant, and other tools of the trade.

I like to have a small project with me when I’m off on my travels just in case I feel like doing something. Rather a long time ago I was browsing in a fabric shop and came across a small kit which I absentmindedly purchased as a Something To Do When Travelling project. Upon opening the kit I immediately regretted buying it…

A VILE colour scheme and an UGLY design!

Nothing about it appealed to me…
What a Waste of fabric, I thought.
What a waste of Embroidery Wool, I thought.
Into the Back of a Drawer with you, said I, and I promptly forgot about the foolish purchase.

Fast forward rather a few years to February of this year and I rediscovered the Ugly Kit. Hmm and hmm again. It was still not appealing but I only wanted a bit of fun to occupy myself of an evening while on holiday. The crewel wool (embroidery wool) went into my stash and I decided to limit myself to one colour family, my favourite, blue!
Is it possible to make something of nothing? We shall see.

A random handful of mostly blue floss.

I stitched a few evenings while away but not a huge amount. But you know what, with a whole other colour scheme I began to detest the thing rather less than I had. May I say I even began to like it as it progressed. Why, I even thought about what I might do with the finished embroidery…! One must always think of the finish, otherwise you end you surrounded by UFO’s.
That’s unfinished objects BTW just in case you are not aware of the acronym 😉

Where It Was At When I Got Back.
Close Up Texture!
Damp Blocking & A Matching Linen.

Of course the whole Sticking With Blue fell apart because I am undisciplined and wanted a little variety. I wandered off into a greenish colour, a wee bit of grey and RED! Ha!
You know what, I rather like it after all, a sort of folk art, fun thing.
It spoke to me in pleasing tones, A Cushion I Shall Be…
OK, it didn’t actually speak, that’s an arty thing, right…!

My Gorgeous New Cushion!

I am pleased with it! Aren’t you?! So the moral of the tale is to not judge the book by the cover, or something like that anyway. See if something cannot be made of what seems worthless, you never know, you might end up with a pleasant surprise!

Oh and the embroidery wool which went into the stash? Well that’s another story…
Thanks for reading.

One thought on “Something From Nothing?

  1. I like this very much – a lovely cushion. Adding a touch of green and red to the blue makes the whole thing really pop.


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