Another Set of Credence Table Cloths

It’s all very well clearing the proverbial desk when some urgent thing or prompting comes along but you do have to get back to the desk! So after that flurry of embroidery, here is the second set of credence cloths I mentioned (I think!) a while back…

Blue… my favourite…

These are made exactly the same way as the earlier set, for the glass tables with the indented corners. A wee voice said not to do them exactly the same so that the sets don’t get mixed up and end up wearing unevenly. Perfectly sensible!

Ahh… the chapel has a Marian name. Blue! Lovely. Otherwise the same, a simple stem stitch border and the plainest of plain crosses.

As plain as can be!

I’m quite pleased with them. Good linen of course. And the colour combination reminds me of the sari style habits worn by the Missionaries of Charity.
So ever onward, am now repairing a mensa cloth (not made by me) with very wonky hems (ahem!). Which is to say that I am ripping out the stitches with a seam ripper with great ease. Ha! Rubbish thread and serged to boot! Oh dear!!

Thanks for reading.

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