The second version in this epic set of veils is in a reddish violet. I selected that shade as being suitable for both Advent and Lent before losing my mind and deciding to go the whole hog!

Now there are some unkind souls who might say that I lost my mind years ago. They are possibly correct. They possibly had something to do with it! I digress; here is a blueish violet which I love as an Advent colour. What do you think of when you hear the word, Advent? Night somehow, dark skies, crisp and cold, stars. Angels maybe? Mary?


This is a really closeup shot, this whole design is 3″ across by the way, a good size to embroider on a chalice veil.
I stitched with two different threads in the needle, a warm, pale grey and a variegated white/light blue/violet thread and chose a stitch which made me think of feathers… and very late Advent! Choirs of angels!! Wait, isn’t that Christmas already? I’m confused 😉

Is that a hair on my silk?

As the light catches the thread at different angles, different colours come into play. I’m quite satisfied with the effect. And as you see from the photos the silk changes colour in different light. Beautiful.
The cross is outlined in a silver metal thread.

Possibly my favourite…

Here’s the finished piece. I was in two minds about running the metal thread through the centre of the cross and chose to not do that. I leave it as a similar interpretation to the last version, for Marian feasts.
Here are the two penitential veils, for comparison.


2 thoughts on “Cross Design: 5 – Advent

  1. I love them all. The colours are stunning and so is the workmanship. I would be hard pressed to pick a favourite as the are all so beautiful. But, I really like the last purple one with the silver, grey embroidery but with hints of blue and purple coming through.


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