Surely I am done! That’s four of these veils now; a green for Ordinary Time, violet for Lent and Advent (or is that the other way round?), red for Martyrs and the Holy Spirit and gold for Christmas & Easter and other feast days… right?
So, why did I embroider the cross (are you getting sick of it yet?) in blue?

I’ll spare you the outline…

Here it is, in the hoop. You’ve seen the outline a few times (boring) so none of that for you this time. I selected a blue thread and starting on the outside, using a split stitch, just went round and round. I blended a little purple in too…
I’m about three rows round in the above picture.

You see I’ve already decided to make more than the four veils. I’ll tell you all about it eventually. I promise! Anyway, a white veil is upcoming. This gold silk one is for Marian feasts, those celebrating Our Lady. I chose to blend in a little purple along with the blue as a nod (not sure if that is the right term?) to the Sorrows of Mary.

Round and round – I like the middle!

Here’s a close-up of the cross entirely stitched. That is pretty dense stitching, let me tell you! Phew! It got tighter and tighter as I worked my way in. No I didn’t get dizzy, a bit cross eyed but not dizzy! You can’t really see but I finished off the centre with a wee french knot. Lovely.


And a stem stitch outline. Simple. I like it. I’m actually really liking the contrast, the different forms of the same cross.
It looks really cool (!) when they are all lined up.
A picture of them altogether you shall see at the end!

How many more? Well a white, as I said, a very bright red, a rose, possibly a darker green and maybe even a black one although I’m in two minds about that. We shall see.
But why? Wait and see. Good things come to those who wait!

Thanks for reading.

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