Cross Design

So in embroidering the altar cloth just recently finished I chose to go with a somewhat archaic look. I’m rather drawn to design elements which speak to me of earlier times.


The cloth has five crosses, one in the centre and in each corner. Quite standard although sometimes I’ve embroidered seven… three on each end and one in the centre. Once I was requested to not put one in the centre. You just never know, so I suppose there no such thing as standard after all!

The back!!

Since it’s going to be regularly laundered (we hope!) it has to stand up to the lavage… so the back has to be as tidy as the front.

Anyway I’m now making some silk chalice veils and being rather taken with the simplicity of this cross I decided to use the same design for these.

In a sit-hoop.

The ordinary time one first, so a green silk. You can just make out the design traced onto it. Here it is hooped up and ready to begin the embroidery. This particular hoop is designed so you can sit on that paddle and have both your hands free for the stitching. In some parts of the world it is referred to as a ‘fanny-frame’, which I personally find to be remarkably vulgar.

Bayeux inspired…

Strangely I’m missing the routine (!) of the Bayeux Stitch I was doing for quite a while and I decided to work this cross in a variation of that with a little seeding added in just for a change!

The finished piece.

I’m onto the violet one now. Same design but a whole different thing for stitching. You’ll have to wait and see!
Thanks for reading.

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