A Tuffet!

I have one of those garage doors which has a bit of spring on it and closes itself quite quickly. I also have a naughty little dog. A badly behaved beast if ever there was one (SPCA, issues…)
Anyway, the dog and the door had a meeting recently with no harm to either but it occurred to me that I needed a tuffet. So I set about making one because where on earth do you actually buy such a thing in this day and age!!

The innards!

What say you, is a tuffet? And does that make me a bit of a Miss Muffet? Hang about and I’ll explain the first thing. The second I shall not dignify with an answer although I admit, it’s true, I don’t particularly care for big, hairy spiders…
A tuffet is a small piece of furniture used as a footrest or low seat, or in my case a doorstop. It has no legs and is completely covered in fabric. Legs would make it a stool.

Since the primary use for my tuffet is as a doorstop, rather than plonking my weary feet upon, I decided that cushy innards just wouldn’t do. I needed a good sized brick or building block. Or a chunk of wood but a building block was easiest to get. My local hardware store was happy to sell me… one small concrete block. See above!
Not a lot of building going on with just one block is there?
But what do they know…!

And next, just a bit of padding. I used some quilt batting and a remnant of upholstery fabric which had been used for hassocks. I have no intention of kneeling on my padded brick, what a penance that would be…
I may offer it to another person though for just that use, if suitable opportunity presents… 😉

Or that…?

I really couldn’t decide about stitching all the edges and vertices and went back and forth between a curved needle and a chenille needle. In any case my fingers are sore now because there was a lot of stitching through multiple layers of heavy fabric. I don’t like using thimbles so its entirely my own fault.

A little bit of batting.

The transformation begins. Two layers of batting stitched crosswise from each other and then the upholstery fabric.

This is the bottom.

And finally completed. It works wonderfully well to stop doors from closing or opening and it won’t scrape my floors. When not in use it is parked under an old fashioned Singer sewing machine which I use as a hall table. Don’t want to create a trip hazard now, do I? It took about a day to make. Here it is:

A useful bit of furniture…!!

Of course now I look suspiciously at all my furniture and am wondering what on earth is inside… Oh dear.

Here is the dog:

A cheeky little scamp…

Thanks for reading.

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