Sacred Music…

And sacred art are opposite side of the same coin. A few artist members of the Epiphany Sacred Arts Guild recently attended the BC Sacred Music Symposium, me being one of them…

We all brought some of our artworks to display. Not being quite sure of how much space we would be provided to set up in, I only brought a few little things. There was lots of space for us! There were many young (and not so young!) people present and a wonderful atmosphere prevailed throughout the weekend.

ESAG had been invited to offer one of the breakout sessions.
Now a lot of my artist colleagues have very sparkly resumes but somehow it ended up that I was the one to do the session. My talk focused on vestments and particularly the chasuble. By way of illustration I was happy to show some photographs of the work of a vestment studio whose ethos I find admirable, The Saint Bede Studio.

In any case, it has a been a little busy preparing for such a presentation, taking me away from stitching somewhat but I was very happy to be there and was glad to be able to participate. But back to the grindstone it is! Hope to have a proper post of a finished embroidery piece (with pictures!) in a few days.

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