Let me count the ways. And show you this IHS monogram, embroidered three ways…

A little while back I showed you this purificator which I embroidered with an IHS monogram. I’m happy to share that the other one from that post (with the little cross and crown of thorns) has found a proper home! I was at an artists’ retreat recently and Fr. Whatisname snaffled it…! Shocking!
(It’s OK, I jest, I made a gift of it!)

Two threads, stem stitch.

While its more work, I generally prefer a small IHS monogram to a little cross on purificators and corporals. So just to keep myself out of trouble I’ve been playing around with how best to do this…
Three hand made purificators, embroidered from the same design, three different ways.

Satin stitch, one thread.


Stem stitch, one thread.

There’s no meaningful difference, time wise between the two stem stitched versions and I think I like the more open look of the single thread version. The satin stitch version is really quite nice but boy, does it take a long time. Good things come to those who wait… but if anyone is wanting a whole set of these they will have to be very patient and I’m already as slow as molasses!

What? Why are they different sizes…!

Ha! That threw you, didn’t it! No such thing as one size fits all.
Custom made, custom size. Slightly bigger or smaller depending on the size of your vessels, altar, etcetera, etcetera… The very little one is actually a size I would make for a travelling Mass kit in which the vessels are quite little and ordinary linens are a wee bit too big.
I’ve also made little linens as teaching aids for catechists working with children in Montessori style settings.

What do you think? Any preference?
Thanks for reading!