A quick post. Here are some credence table cloths. I have just finished stitching them… This particular pair of credence tables is slightly unusual in construction in that they have raised corners. The cloths have inverted corners so that they fit snugly around these indents.

Here they be…

As you can see, I also decided to go with no drops so they are surface only, or mensa cloths. This was really to do with the quality of light in this particular chapel and keeping the focus on the altar. The cloths currently in place do have drops and somehow they draw they eye away from the altar, not what we want.

Doing those inverted corners is the very dickens of a job. Two ways to proceed, well three really but I threw one possibility out right away. As there are two tables in this chapel and two sets needed (one to wash & one to wear!) I’ll be making the second set the other way. The cloths in this first set are actually two pieces of linen sandwiched together. I couldn’t make my mind up about technique, so I whip stitched one and slip-stitched the other and then stem stitched that lovely border…

Pretty, no?

I also decided to be clever and make them reversable:

The back!

So if someone doesn’t like the front they can flip them around! I hope this doesn’t confuse the sacristans? Oh well.

Not a great deal of embellishment. A wee stem stitched cross in the centre. Very simple.

I’m always a tiny bit conflicted about embroidery on credence cloths. Certainly nothing too raised as I don’t want to cause anything to tip over. I think this will be fine though.

Thanks for reading.