This and That

A few years ago Father O asked me if I took photographs of everything I made. He was sort of telling me off because he knew perfectly well that I sometimes forget! He knew because I had just given him some items which I had not taken pictures of. Oops.

So here we go. Some belated photographs of items I delivered Some Time Ago and Forgot to Take Pictures Of. Shame and embarrassment all round.

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A Saint James Antependium

I happen to attend one of the many churches in our world named after St. James the Greater or ‘Big James’ as he might otherwise have been called… 😉
When Father first moved to the parish he said something about a frontal… I valiantly avoided him and such silly notions for ever so long!
Actually I was quite unwell and wasn’t in a place to take on a big project so it just didn’t happen until quite recently…

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Rose Burse & Veil Set

Here’s the end result, so far, of those embroideries.
I say so far as if you want to wait a while I will keep going and make a low Mass set!
I hesitate, as I don’t know what style of chasuble you’d like! Get in touch if you think you’re interested; I’d love to keep going but it’s a bit much for me to bite off if I don’t have a home for the set to go to…

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Idolatry On The Altar

No, not THAT idol. This is a different thing; ongoing, underhand and pervasive. No pictures today, just words…
I imagine there are very few of us in this modern world who are unaware of issues of cheap or even forced/slave labour being used to produce items. Hmm, those tasty shrimps so commonly available at the supermarket or coffee or…
And what about environmental degradation in order to produce crops like palm fruit oil?

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